Born 1970 in Johannesburg, South Africa
Lives and works in Frankfurt

2006 - 09 MFA Bauhaus University, Weimar
2000 - 04 BA Sonic Arts, Middlesex University, London

Residencies and Awards
2018 NEKaTOENEa, Hendaye, France
2015 Moly-Sabata, invited by Ecole du Magasin, Grenoble
2015 Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, Schöppingen
2006 Prishtina Sounds, Prishtina, Kosovo

Exhibitions and Screenings
2018 round letters turn sounds, solo show at Kai Middendorff Galerie, Frankfurt
+33256191341, Brest, France, curated by Gael Moissonnier
2016 Objet Disque, Objet Sonore, L’Assaut de la menuiserie lieu d’art contemporain, Saint Etienne, France, curated by Gael Moissonnier
2015 My World video, together with Dan Perjovschi, La Belle Électrique, Grenoble, France
2014 Vinyl Never Died, Demons Mouth, Oslo, curated by Eric D. Clark
2013 Was ist Kunst? - Mirrors of Production, Jaqueline Martins Gallery, São Paulo, curated by Tobi Maier
2012 Aloft from Alow, Kai Middendorff Galerie, Frankfurt
2011 Secret Societies, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
2010 Spatial Language in Jest, Kai Middendorff Galerie, Frankfurt
2007 Fresh Trips, with Axel Stockburger, & Kunstraum Innsbruck, Austria
Videoabend, with Axel Stockburger, Motorenhalle, Dresden
2006 Again for Tomorrow, screening with Dan Perjovschi, Royal College of Art Galleries, London
Prishtina Sounds, National Museum of Kosovo, Prishtina
DE-REVOLUTION, with Dan Perjovschi, Galerie IG BILDENDE KUNST, Vienna
2005 Technical Breakdown, AUX, Copenhagen
MMS Julekalendar, Artnode, Copenhagen
2004 45 Steps, 45A, London

Selected Performances
2015 Two collaborative performances with Stephan Roiss and Crauss at Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, Germany
2015 rotate-translate, Moly-Sabata, Sablons, France
2013 Something special, NK Projekt, Berlin
2012 Aloft from Alow, Kai Middendorff Galerie, Frankfurt
2012 Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt
2011 Secret Societies, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
2009 Caribic Residency, Frankfurt
Hauskonzert, Frankfurt, curated by Marc Behrens
2008 Unyazi 2008 - Fear of the Known, Stellenbosch, South Africa
2007 aqueduct, with Kei Fushiki and Rie Takagi, Singuhr Hörgalerie, Berlin
takt, with Kei Fushiki and Rie Takagi, stellwerk theatre, Weimar
2006 Sound/Stage, with Brandon LaBelle and Ken Ehrlich, fa projects, London
Simultan02, with Axel Stockburger, Timisoara, Romania
2005 CYRK, London
South London Gallery, with Lee Gamble, London
2003 Bonnington Centre, with Lee Gamble, Oliver Fay, Rodaidh Mcdonald and Tom Scott, London
Bonnington Centre, as part of Poke-oke, London

2015 a long aside, included in Take You There Radio broadcast, Grenoble, curated by students of curatorial programme at Le MAGASIN, Centre national d'art contemporain de Grenoble, France
2010 A long aside, Radio X, Frankfurt
2008 radio epode, Radio Papesse, a project curated by Tobi Maier as part of Manifesta 7
2006 Phantom, with Brandon LaBelle and Unst Collective, Resonance FM, London
2005 Six Sites for Sound, discussion with Mathias Gmachl, Michael J. Schumacher and Keiko Uenishi,
Resonance FM, London
Framework, Resonance FM, London
2003 Gunnersbury Park (fragmented flow), Rocket Sound, Juniradio, Berlin

Contributions to print publications
2017 I Waited in the Room for Memory to Return, in The Handwriting / Handschrift, Parole #3,
Ed. Annette le Fort
2008 Lost Broadcast, a note, /seconds, Issue 9, Ed. Peter Lewis, London
2005 A Not So Lonely Place, Interview with James Webb, Ed. Anna Colin, Ass. Ed. Tobi Maier,
Sound Art / Resonance Supplement, Six Sites for Sound, LMC, London
Exchanging Perspectives, Interview with Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Ed. Anna Colin, Ass. Ed. Tobi Maier,
Sound Art / Resonance Supplement, Six Sites for Sound, LMC, London

2013 Soundcheck A-Z, by Rory Gibb, The Wire, London
The best albums of 2013 so far: FACT contributors’ picks, by Steve Shaw, FACT Magazine
2012 Stotternde Augen und singender Sand, by Swantje Karich, FAZ Feuilleton Kunstmarkt, Frankfurt,
ALOFT FROM ALOW, Feature by Fabian Famoluk, Schirn Magazin, Frankfurt,
2011 EIN KUNSTEREIGNIS DER BESONDEREN ART, Interview by Fabian Famoluk, Schirn Magazin, Frankfurt
2007 Sound Art in London, WDR radio interview by Michael Rüsenberg, Cologne
2006 Interviewed on P2 Radio, Copenhagen
Sydsvenskan, Tor Billgren lyssnar till Köpenhamnskonst review for Technical Breakdown,
3 January 2006, Copenhagen
2004 Postcards Home, feature on Artthrob - Contemporary Art in South Africa, Guest Ed. James Webb, South Africa

Related Professional Activities
2015 Presented radio art workshop together with Gael Moissonnier, in cooperation with Plateforme, Lyon
2012 Artist talk at Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt am Main
2008 Provided workshop at Faculty of Fine Arts, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
2007 European Dramaturgy in the 21st Century, participation in workshop discussion series, Goethe University and Hessische Theaterakademie, Frankfurt am Main
2005 Tone Debris, curated concert event, Whitechapel Gallery, London